How do you fund your life of piracy?
I've pretty much tried it all, from Station Trading (which drove me nuts after about 2 months - I think I was putting in too much effort) to Semi afk mining (I'm bad at multitasking and always ended up focusing on mining) to PI (Lack of tutorials, I wasn't sure exactly which way would be best to do it) to a Faction Warfare alt, which makes me feel like a bad person. However, I'm currently experimenting with missions (Already seems super time consuming).

Suffice it to say, I have no idea how I should be making my ISK xP
I'll say this much: If you're willing to put the time into it, a solo op in a c3 is insanely profitable. Of course, you will eventually get invaded and deposed so that sucks.
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Thanks for the responses. It's interesting that several of you are able to support yourselves entirely through ransoms and loot. I'm impressed that you're able to do that, especially as Repo. does so much solo and small gang activity, rather than setting up massive gate camps.

I spent over a year doing exploration and missions before I decided to get into PVP. Since then, almost all of my game time has been spent looking for fights, and I've been working through my savings. Of course, I'm a member of an anti-pirate RP corp, so almost of my fights come against outlaws and pirates. Bounties are out, shiny loot is rare, and historically I've lost a lot more than I've won (though I'm getting better). I've used up about 1 billion ISK in six months, and before too long I'll probably have to start doing some exploration again to shore up my bank balance.
These days it is a lot easier to afford a full T2 Fit frigate/cruiser due to the t1 ship changes. With T1 hulls being so cheap, most players can afford to go fully T2 fit rather than having to stick to cheap Meta 0-2 mods.

Because of this, it is possible to pay off a fully t2 fit frigate in two or three engagements, provided you can loot the field afterwards.

My last few weeks have been great for getting fights, I must have ~300m with of T2 mods in my station hangar. Personally I hold on to these mods for new ships, or for re-fitting.

But the potential is definitely there, and is a lot easier than before the ship re-balancing began, at least in my experience.
I agree with Tindrem, although maybe it's just me, but a lot of modules and bigger ships seem to be increasing in price, which is kind of annoying. Small T2 blasters and the meta 4 MSE are mostly the ones I use that annoy me.
It comes from both flying very cheap stuff like a T1 frigate, or a battlecruiser with insurance (hull costs like 20M or so after insurance) and picking your fights correctly. If you don't fight obvious bait / linked opponents, you'll only usually lose your ship when you either get caught in a gatecamp, or yolo'd too much (which also nets a lot of funny killmails). You lose even less (and win more) with a link alt.
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