Why Do Repo Members Have to Have Negative Sec Status?
I have some friends of mine asking me this question and it's a question I've asked myself in the past.

Why is it so important to have negative sec status and be criminal?

Comments like:
"That seems like it limits your game play to 10% of the game."

I believe part of the reason negative sec status is required to stay in Repo, is due to the fact that if we allowed players to have positive sec status, then it would naturally open up high sec antics, such as suicide ganking/griefing/wardecking/scamming which in my experience Repo. does not support. The way Repo likes to view itself is a "gentleman pirate", a pirate that robs you, loots you, pillages you, maybe hacks an arm or two off, but leaves you intact as a person. We won't try to screw with your emotions, we won't trick you into giving us money, we will just legitimately take it from you.

Though, it is true, that it can in fact limit your game play, but that depends on how you want to play eve. If you want to go into high sec regularly to do missions or mine with some buddies, then I can see how that would limit your game play. But, if you want to concentrate on solo/small gang pvp, with piracy to spice it up, then I can say confidently that this is one of the best environments you will find in any corp out there.

There are other legitimate arguments about this subject, such as "That it limits your pvp engagements" and there are other points to be made about why it is important to Repo that members maintain a negative criminal sec status, but I'll leave that to other members to answer.

Call us old fashioned, but we like the old romantic view of EvE Piracy. We like being flashy red to people. We enjoy the fact that we can be attacked at any time without help and we have damn fun yarring to a targets demise. After all, we do play this game for fun right?

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There is some more good discussion on the topic on this thread which is also publicly accessible.

For me it boils down to being honest about what we are in Repo. We are pirates. We are not assassins, cat burglars or hackers who try to hide their identity as they commit a crime. Instead, we loudly proclaim that you have something we want and then we take it; if you are bold enough to stand up to the challenge then we shall gladly fight you and take what's left. There is little doubt what we are about when we show up on your overview and we revel in that boldness.

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I agree with Parity. On the surface, being flashy red is a Badge of Honor, something to cherish and be proud of; and this includes with the REPO. badge. I think the most important detail about repot that most people miss is that REPO. strives for the betterment of ourselves. To be the elite. We're currently ranked 368 in EVE via Battleclinic. We didn't get here by mining and running missions in High sec.

To me, a flashy-red status is a testament to what REPO. stands for. We want to be the best - and not by Falcon Alts, or Blob Tactics, or even by Link Alts (at least, not ALL of us)... We're the best because this is what we do. I log in and I PVP. You will not find me in a belt ratting, or in an asteroid field mining. If you need help you can call on me for assistance; you know I'm prepared to fight even above my own weight class, regardless of the odds, because this is what I do.

Being lower than -5 is a badge of honor for me because I limit myself from ganking in High sec, or running mission in High Security space. I take pride in the fact that I am willing to face the odds against any gang and can, for the most part, come out on top; because we fight above our weight class on a consistent basis.

This question has come up a few times in my days within REPO. (and other pirate corps alike), and my answer is always the same. I'm good at what I do because it is what I do. And honestly, if you are uncomfortable with the lack of security (read: freedom) that low-security provides, you're not fit for REPO. - unlike others who are willing to put in the dedication and heart that most of us (if not all) have. In short, this is what we do - if you're looking for something else, look elsewhere.

That being said, I've been playing EVE for a long time. Out of everything that I've done and tried (and I've tried a lot), Piracy is the constant - not the variable. I've come to love Piracy as a whole, and am perfectly content with remaining within my profession until the end of days. I can understand how someone less experienced or new to Piracy can be apprehensive to embrace the "scawy piwate" lifestyle. To me, that's a part of maturing in the EVE universe. Someday, they'll find something they truly love and want to stick to.

For me, that's piracy.
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I also agree, but one thing overlooked is that it also makes you think about other ways to do things. One of the challanges I have been faced with is that I no longer can just run into high sec and get something, also floating near a gate is no longer safe as well. It's rather freeing to face this challange and is unlike any other play style I have ever seen. Call it what you will badge of honor, warning sign, cool title. But I have to say that out of everything I have seen and done I would say it enhances the game. It's one thing to play by rules, It's another to further restrick yourself and thrive. "Some day they'll find it......The rainbow conection" And OZ will shutter with the sound of carebears poping!!
I think this pertains to what is being said here. https://forums.repo-corp.net/showthread.php?tid=1455
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