As a long ago member of Blood Money, Inc., the predecessor corporation to Repo., upon whose legacy Repo. was founded, I wanted to congratulate you all on this:

Glad to see solo piracy is alive and well here.

If there is still anyone here who remembers me, Hi!

Thanks Gwyd!

It's an interesting and unexpected bit of publicity. Not entirely sure how we made number one to be honest. That solo kills percentage looks unexpectedly high....
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It does but I can see how he got that number. Still an interesting read though.
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(05-15-2014, 05:04 PM)Zhana Huren Wrote: It does but I can see how he got that number. Still an interesting read though.

I was thinking about it last night. Without looking at any numbers, one possible explanation could be that we often tend to fleet but spread out and hunt solo, only seeking back-up when necessary. Perhaps this is resulting in more solo kills than we think?

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That sounds plausible to me; it corresponds with my own experiences at least.
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Once you remove NPCs and players not in my corporation from the kill mails, I'm pretty sure about 95% of my kills count as solo... I spent the first year and half in Repo. doing nothing but solo work (with the occasional fleet fight against BYDI).

Go us Tongue


PS: Hi Gwyd! Long time no see.

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Go us! We're number two!

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