Funding a pirates life? How to supply yourself?
Although you can start with any amount, I would recommend at least 100m, though 500m is better. Station trading is by far and away the easiest, most consistent, passive income you can make. If you got 10 minutes a day you can earn about 75-150m and the char never has to leave station. Train PI for added gain.

The trick? Buy low, sell high. Look at high volume items that have high volume of trade and a large spread.. put up a buy order for .01 isk more than the next guy. Once a day at least login and update your orders. Sell what you've bought. Rinse repeat. The more you keep your self the cheapest item for sale and the highest buy order to purchase, you can earn really good money. Your first billion is the hardest. After that, it's easy to flip another billion. The rich get richer as they say.

I will cancel buy orders for items that have less than a 20% spread, or when you get a larger amount of isk to work with you can start buying up the market to maintain your margins on the really good stuff. For instance someone lists 10 ships at 10,000,000 just to get rid of them, and i'll buy up the stack if the spread between the two is like 20% or more and just relist it. Quick easy 20m profit and I also get the benefit that most likely the next guy is going to list his for one isk less than mine, and it protects my buy orders because now the sell price is 12million instead of 10.

Generally I like to find an item that returns at least 100% profit and buy large amounts of each. The clearly highest volume station would be Jita. if you can keep your orders updated or find items with low competition you can trade here. However in my experience and they way I like to go about it, I find trading in one of the 2,3,4th biggest(dodixe, rens, etc). works better for me. I have to buy a larger spread of items to get a good return, but the competition is less and I don't have to update as much.

I also troll around and pickup PI once a month for another 150-200m or so for a 5 planet setup. This could really be improved if I cared more, but as is I already make enough isk to fly whatever I want. Also train this 2nd char which you trade/haul stuff on to fly things like a blockade runner so that you can bring your -10 self goodies to fly. Because lets face it, isk is only good for blowing up and part of the fun of EVE is flying the awesome ships. This is a sure fire way to fly whatever you want, lose it, and not care to much.

At the beginning of a play session, I'll sometimes go out in a scanning ship and scan down signatures and bookmark them in Iges and surrounding systems. This has a few benefits.

First, it provides you with the likely locations of where exploration ships will end up. See a Helios/Buzzard/Heron on scan after seeing core probes out? He's likely running that data or relic site you bookmarked. See an Astero/Stratios/Ishtar on scan? He may be running that combat site you bookmarked. I have found that Data and Relic sites are not usually worth the time and risk to hack, but may provide a good opportunity for ransoms, as the ships that run them are typically more valuable, and/or may be carrying valuable loot.

[A word on E-Uni Asteros: I did share my blingy Astero fit with them when i was still down there, and it was vetted and adopted by the more exploration-minded pilots. I assume that this fit is still being passed on. What this means is 3 full flights of combat drones, providing ~110 dps and a dual-rep armor setup that will tank ~190-260 dps for as long as they have cap charges (neuts can help with this). This is a very pricey ship though (>300 mil), so they will be much more likely to take a ransom deal than taking their chances in PvP combat.]

Second, it may provide you with a bit of isk. Yesterday morning, I went out and scanned down signatures in Iges, Uph, Das, and Ost. In Dastryns, I found a gas site that, when further probed, was in fact a Core Runner Drop Distribution site. I went back in an Astero with a cargo scanner and data analyzer, and found that one of the cans contained a Neurotoxin Control skillbook (the 230 mil isk one). Fortunately for my sec status, the rats guarding the site were 60k from the can, so I was able to establish an orbit of the can at 1k with AB on, hack the can, and extract the skillbook before the rats could get close enough to apply any damage.

These sites can also yield the less valuable Neurotoxin Recovery skillbook (35 mil isk), in addition to Gas Cloud Harvesters, and 3% neurotoxin implants. However, I usually will not spend the time trying to hack additional cans because that would require killing the rats, who are our pirate friends. The other gas site common to Placid is the Serpentis Gas Processing Site. This one has missile batteries which will have to be destroyed before attempting the hack though. You should be able to tank the damage for the short time it takes to scan the cans for good stuff though.

If running these gas sites on an alt (so killing rats is a non-issue), they can be easily done in an Astero. Kill all missile batteries (small ones first - they hurt the most), then the ships from smallest to largest. The Astero's drones may not be able to break the tank on the larger ships but that's OK. Orbit the can at 3k with AB on while performing the hack. Unless you get hung up on an asteroid or structure, your speed will enable you to avoid most damage from the larger ships. When they do land hits, your reps will easily handle it.

If there's interest, I'll post some more detailed info on the combat sites and their escalations commonly found in Placid as well.

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