WingspanTT mail
Thank you for choosing WINGSPAN
From: Chance Ravinne
Sent: 2015.01.14 06:12
To: Krim Kimura, QuickSwipe Collier,

Dear Mr. Kimura,

When you placed a mixed order of torpedoes, charges, and bombs, we at Wingspan Delivery Services were not completely sure how to acomodate your request.

But after significant thought and planning, we decided to meet you halfway in Thera to deliver your muntions in one convenient dropoff.

Work Delivery: Krim Kimura (Ferox)
Home Delivery: Krim Kimura (Capsule)

We realize you have a choice in suppliers, so please know I consider it an honor your chose our humble organization to serve your needs.

From the bottom of my cold black heart, thank you.

Chance Ravinne
Re: Thank you for choosing WINGSPAN
From: Krim Kimura
Sent: 2015.01.14 18:36
To: Chance Ravinne,

I'm sorry that some of your torpedo delivery persons were unfortunate in not delivering said requests properly. Thanks for your service please come again.

Were fun fights =)

(I of course am referring to the 10 or so wingspan members that were popped between myself and the Verge of collapse guy, that temp blued me.)
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Yeah! that's awesome. thanks for sharing

Oh! You were caught by Wingspan! I follow their channel on youtube. The guy who records the videos does a lot a mistakes when engaging. Like getting so nervous on engaging an industrial that when another industrial shows up, he imediately warps off scared ahah xD

Here's the channel

It's funny that you got caught by them. Sneaky Bastards Big Grin
I didn't get caught by them, I just went straight into them on purpose, but they had a phobos hidden with a bubble for the pod.
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