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I just noticed something interesting. The thread containing our Code of Conduct has over 2,000 views, while the thread containing our Code of Honor has less half of that. This tells me one of two things:

1) At least half the people who read our Code of Conduct find issue with it, and don't bother reading the rest (either because it's too long and they're lazy, or it contains restrictions that made them immediately cross us off their 'corps of interest' list),


2) Everyone who finishes reading both Codes immediately goes back to re-read the Code of Conduct in order to make sure they didn't skip the important bits.

What does this say about the EVE community? That it's predominantly amoral/lazy, or that it's full of very thorough readers? I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this one...


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The funny thing is that the CoH is virtually a tl;dr for the CoC.

I would imagine that the conduct that we choose to abide by doesn't appeal to a significant proportion of would-be pirates in Eve. I've come across numerous players and corporations that identify as pirates that are looking overwhelmingly for cheap, no skill/risk ganks and will go to any length to pad their killboards and/or grief other players - often using the sort of meta gaming tactics and deliberate overkill that our codes forbid.
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