Hey gents
Rifter is, yeah Smile. Not the best frigate out there these days, but a good start ! If you want to learn more about the game, i'd actually suggest joining an academy corp like Eve University. They do really good stuff and teach you well. They also happen to have a lowsec base not too far from where we live.
Would you suggest that over rvb?
Yeah, I think you'll learn more things with Eve-Uni. They're a very nice organization.
Looking in game or on websites, I cant find how to apply. The in game menu wont display them even if i turn off all the filters.[/align]
Check the corp/alliance info ingame, they'll have information there.
Got it. BTW I went out to low sec and was promptly 2 shot by an npc tower
You must've commited something illegal for sentries to shoot you Smile

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