[REPO.] Code of Honor
[REPO.] Code of Honor (p.1)

  1. I fly with honor and respect for myself and my enemies.
  2. I recognize that my word is my bond and I will never violate agreements of any kind.
  3. I understand that I do not have split loyalties; while in New Eden, Repo. always comes first.
  4. I treat all pilots with respect in local chat, forums, and all other venues of communication. I am free with my praise and advice with a receptive foe and will, on occasion, invite those with promise to consider applying to become a member of Repo.
  5. I never share intelligence, secrets or other internal information outside of Repo.
  6. I always fly to the best of my ability and seek the respect of other space-farers through the mastery of my profession.
  7. I relish the privilege of flying with my fellow pirates; learning from one another and improving through action. However, I do not need assistance to practice my profession, and hunt solo with ease.
  8. I help fellow Repo. members whenever possible, and seek to teach beginners the craft.
  9. I am a Repossession Agent. All other pursuits are secondary, for my life is my trade.

Maximillian Bonaparte > wow some people honor ransoms
Obsete Raziel > yea we are gentlemen not monsters

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