[REPO.] Code of Conduct
[REPO.] Code of Conduct (p.2)

Article 1: Repossessions, Ransoms and Duels

Ransom whenever possible and profitable; we are Repossession Agents, after all. Never dishonor a ransom, 1v1, or duel.

1.a Allowances:

If the target violates the terms of a ransom or engagement (re-engaging after paying ransom, calling in friends to assist, etc.) then all terms become null and void. Consequently, each Repo. member may then act as they see fit under the circumstances. In such a case, if the target has already paid ransom, you may keep the ransom as “damages”.

Article 2: Loyalties Outside of [REPO.]

You are free to associate with whomever you like and pick and choose your targets as you see fit. However, never hesitate to engage anyone a Repo. FC orders you to. Regardless of who your friends are in-game or in real life, you are a Repossession Agent and you must be impartial to offenders.

2.a Flashy Red Status (-5.0)

Repo. pilots are outlaws. As such, we view our "Flashy Red" sec status as a badge of honor. All Repo. pilots are required to maintain "Flashy Red" (-5.0) sec status on their main piracy character.

Article 3: Combat Procedures

3.a Overkill:

Definition: The deliberate use of excessive or disproportionate force to deal with a target.

While it is understandable to engage every target that you possibly can (regardless of the threat the target presents), Repo. does not intentionally employ overkill.

3.b Numbers: Gangs are to be kept below 6 ships whenever possible. Certain situations and OPs may warrant larger gangs but these situations should be the exception to the rule.

3.c Gang Composition: Repo. members putting together gangs should try to balance the ship-type composition of their fleet and keep massive firepower in check. Instead of composing a gang that consists of as much power as possible, consider the level of resistance you expect to encounter during your intended activities and tailor the gang's level of power accordingly.

3.d Escaping/Engaging Against the Odds: Never be cowardly; although never fear to attempt escape if outmatched, or if the tide of battle turns in the target's favor. Likewise, do not feel obligated to engage if you know the target force will overmatch you. Logic and loss prevention are paramount to making money as a Repossession Agent. A skillful escape is just as impressive as a well-earned victory.

Article 4: Game Mechanic Abuse

4.a Metagame Abuse: Logging out to save your pod, or double logging to save your ship, is against the [REPO.] Code of Conduct and will not be tolerated. Any other form of log-on/log-off metagame abuse will not be tolerated.

4.b Warp Core Stabilizers: Fitting Warp Core Stabilizers on some combat ships is often considered to be unsportsmanlike. Repo. prides itself on the integrity of its pilots and their honor. As a general rule, we advise Repo. pilots to avoid the use of WCSs, however there are, on occasion, exceptions to this rule.

4.c Fleet Invites: Inviting targets to fleet PRIOR to engaging them in combat, in attempt to fool them into letting you warp in on them, is forbidden. Members of Repo. are allowed to invite targets to fleet AFTER having engaged them in combat (for “Gladiator Ransom” or similar, e.g. warping them to a secure location to force them to engage in combat for their freedom, etc).

Article 5: Scamming/Stealing/Friendly Fire

5.a Scamming: It is forbidden to engage in scamming as a member of Repo. We have built our reputation on honor and such activities significantly erode that hard-fought reputation with our prospective targets. Engaging in scamming with an ALT who is NOT a member of Repo. is not expressly forbidden.

5.b Stealing: Stealing from fellow Repossession Agents or from Repo. will result in immediate expulsion from the Corp.

5.c Friendly Fire: Never intentionally kill a member of Repo. (except with consent or in the context of training exercises).

Article 6: Smacktalking

Definition: Insulting, demeaning, and/or aggressively self-aggrandizing in chat channels, particularly Local.

Smacktalking is forbidden. When a fight comes to an end, whether you won or lost, you should simply offer a “GF” (good fight) in local, or say nothing at all. Friendly chatting is acceptable and encouraged. If the target was flagrantly dishonorable, you may politely comment on their lack of sportsmanship, then terminate communication or change the subject.

Article 7: Killboard and Ransom Forum Usage

7.a Killboard Use: All kills and losses involving players must be posted on the Repo. Killboard. If you were killed solely by Gate Guns or NPCs (at a belt, mission, or deadspace complex) you do not have to post the loss. However, if any player is on the killmail (even if they only did 1 point of damage) you are required to post the loss. All kills must be reported as well.

7.b Ransom Forum Use: Posting ransoms on our public Ransom Forum is highly encouraged, though not strictly required. If you do chose to use the Ransom Forum, however, you are obligated to report accurately and follow the proper procedures for posting.

Article 8: Forums, Blogs and Press

8.a Forums and Blogs: Repo. encourages its members to partake in the larger EVE community through the use forums and blogs. Repo. members posting on forum and blogs should always adhere to Repo.’s policy on smacktalking when doing so. Remember that even outside of the in-game community, your character represents the face of Repo. Consequently, all members are expected to uphold Repo.’s Code of Honor and Code of Conduct, even while not explicitly in-game.

8.b The Press: No members of Repo. are entitled to give “official” statements, in-game or out-of-game, about the Corp except for the Director/CEO and occasionally, Officers. If a Repossession Agent is approached by any type of Press, they should direct all questions back to the Director/CEO and politely refuse to comment.

Article 9: Formal Operations and FC procedures

Repo. members are encouraged to develop and FC their own formal, objective-driven OPs to gain valuable pilot experience.

Outside of formal fleet combat Repo. members are free individuals, and may do or say whatever they like, and go wherever they please (provided they follow the [REPO.] Codes - CoH & CoC).

However, in fleet combat the FC's word is law, and members of Repo. are expected to obey all orders without hesitation. Do not voice complaints or second-guess the FC’s actions during the operation, even if they resulted directly in the loss of your ship and/or pod. All such issues will be addressed post-OP. Do not back seat FC. Each fleet has one commander at a time. If the FC is killed in action, he or she will designate a new commander.

Article 10: Mumble

It is suggested that all members of Repo. download and use Mumble with whatever voice server Repo. are currently using, and use it during OPs. Whenever possible, members should log-in to Mumble while they are on-line.

If you do not have a mic, you can simply listen.

A Repossession Agent should never divulge the Repo. Mumble information to an outside party without the express permission of the Director/CEO or an Officer. The sharing of such information is considered a breach of the [REPO.] Code of Honor p.1-5 and cause for severe punitive action.

Article 11: Repossession Agent Inactivity

Repo. understands that all pilots have real-life obligations that can result in periods of player inactivity. If a Repossession Agent is required to be away from EVE for an extended period of time, they must submit an Inactivity Thread on the Repo. main forums, which approximates their expected return date. The Inactivity Thread should be updated to reflect any further extension to the declared period of inactivity. Repossession Agents who neglect to update their Inactivity Thread for 30 days or more will be kicked from the Corp. They may reapply at a later date, depending on circumstance.

Article 12: Authority

All Repo. members are expected to respect the authority of the Director and Directorate.

Article 13: Punitive Action and loss of Repossession Agent License

Repo. trusts and relies upon all of its members, and Repo. expects its members to reciprocate. Any Repo. member who violates or dishonors the [REPO.] Codes, or otherwise transgresses against the Corp, may be punished by the Director or Directorate at their discretion. The severity of the punishment will match the severity of the transgression.

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